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> Chairmassage/Shiatsu-basictreatment

Chairmassage has been developed in the American multinational Apple by David Palmer . It is based on the original art of acupressure (pressurepoints based on meridians) and originates from 13th-century Japan.

David noticed that a lot of Apple's 'employees suffered from backpain and stress. He developed a short, but intensive 15min- massage to deal with these complaints. His positive experiences made him to apply this treatment in other entreprises too. 

Nowadays, a chairmassage lasts for appr. 20min and consists of a fluent whole of movements and techniques, know as "the kata". The 'kata' is focused on getting out the maximum out of each movement.

Chairmassage is given on a special-developed chair enabling the client to lean forwards in a comfortable way.

Chairmassage improves lifeforce/vitality, circulation of the bloodstream and  gives instantly a relaxed feeling. Moreover, it has been proven that concentration levels go up and feelings of fear and depression go down. That's why this massage is regularly given on the office floor, as well at airports, music festivals and other events.

So, try out for yourself, what are you waiting for?

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