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'Our deepest fear is not that we are
inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we
are powerful beyond measure
It is our light and not our darkness that
most frightens us.'

(Nelson Mandela - 1994)
Life coaching

"Life Coaching" explained. 

"A Life Coach is a motivator, inspirator who puts himself/herself at the service of other people. A Life Coach understands the art of motivating & inspiring people in such a way that people are touched in their core essence. By doing so, real change can happen in the areas, problems which are coached upon. Often, such changes are of tremendous value because lives can shift completely and finally be lived out of awareness, joy, and meaningfulness instead of endless conditioning and limitations." (Dries Debaere)


My aims with "Life coaching" in a nutshell:

- to clarify people's problems/situations in a neutral, loving way through heartbased-communication instead of working only through the mind.

- trying to inspire & motivate people to take decisions that they really want to take and with which they can personally REALLY grow.

- to empower people, i.e. making them aware of their responsability of their own lifepath & processes which they may encounter.

- if needed, to confront people with their core issues, problems, thus enabling them to make a switch in their thinking, feeling and looking at these core issues.

Problems which can be coached upon:

Relationships, Finances, Careers, learning to step into your own Passion, etc..

An average Life Coaching session takes about an hour and most of the time a few sessions are needed to fully make the client aware and understand his/her own process. At the end of each session, some "homework" is given, so the results can be felt, perceived between sessions by "learning by doing". For me a session only is succesful when people can return home with a "WOW-feeling", when a certain shift is attained in their vision about the problem.

If needed, Life Coaching can be combined with massage, reiki or NLP.

As a certified Life Coach, I am a member of the "Network for Life Coaches" The Netherlands-Belgium and have subscribed the code of ethics of "Life and Work"-insitute for Life Coaches, The Netherlands.

Ethics during a session:

  • The Life Coach will never take advantage out of the trust of his/her client and will always work with full dedication.


  • The Life Coach has a moral duty. Everything that has been said between the coach and coachee will remain fully between them.


  • He gives the client the space to take his/her own decisions and the full right to change earlier taken decisions, taking into account one's own values and beliefs, prioirites and life conviction.


  • A Life Coach not only treats people with respect, but also their beliefs, possessions and life environment. The coach acts as a role model for the client.


  • A Life Coach treats every human being in the same way. Nobody is favoured or left behind in whatever way. He/she doesn't discriminate based on age, gender, colour of skin, race, social status, political conviction, marital status, beliefs or any other possible distinction.

"You don't become a Life Coach, you've got it in you or you dont got it. Period." (Annemarie Sips, teacher and founder of "Life and Work", Noordhoek, The Netherlands)






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