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'Imagination is more important than
knowledge. It is the preview of life's
coming attractions.'

( Albert Einstein )


Dries Debaere (°BE-15 december 1983)


In 2005, I graduated as a Master in Business Economics at "Vlekho business school Brussels". However I felt a big inner lacking, so I started my inner journey towards my "true self".

That's why in the year 2006, I actively dedicated myself to massage and became in 2008 a MASSAGETHERAPIST after a two-year education at the massageschool "summerhouse" in Antwerp, Belgium. In june 2008, I was initiated to become a REIKI-MASTER and at the same time I got my degree as an NLP-PRACTITIONER.

In 2010, the pieces of my puzzle suddenly fitted nicely together by following the LIFE COACH-training in Holland which I succesfully ended on October 23rd 2010.


  • 2010: Life Coach, "Life and Work", Noordhoek, The Netherlands
  • 2007-2008: NLP-practitioner, "Centrum GEA", Munkzwalm, Belgium - "New York Training Institute for NLP"
  • 2008: Reiki-Master, Belgium
  • 2006-2008: Massagetherapist, "Het Zomerhuis", Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2001-2005: Master in Business Economics, "VLEKHO", Brussels, Belgium


During my educationperiod I felt an inner lacking, it was clear that I hadn't found my passion yet. That's why I went on a search based on the desire to fulfill this lacking and so I got in touch with reiki during my studentlife in Leuven, Belgium.

Since 2003, I participated in countless workshops and courses in Belgium and The Netherlands. From emotional bodywork through Tai'Chi, meditation, avatar-consciousnesstraining, oneness blessing (deeksha), seminars (The Opus, The secret) and psychodynamics.

I knew that I found my direction and that it was my wish to inspire "greatness within others" through Life Coaching combined with massage, reiki and/or NLP. 

From then onwards, I realized that our world is a big illusional stage with a western society that is immensely conditioned thus holding many many people small and prevent them from becoming what they really want to become regardless the environments' opinion... 

Outwardly, we have never been as rich before but inwardly never been as poor as now....

I became aware of the fact that only when someone is fully in his passion (= is doing what he/she loves to do the most), he/she has established the core to become truly happy. If you got the guts to follow your "inner drive", please do so. You wont be disappointed. I know I wasn't. ;-)



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